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Bonus Halloween Resin

Cast your mind way back to October of 2019.  To my 13 Days of Halloween blog series.  To this blog specifically, where I made these semi-awesome resin pieces.

During the session/s that I made these pieces, I also made some other Halloween things which I just didn’t get a chance to blog about.  So here’s a bonus blog!

In the resin kit I bought myself last year there were a bunch of these Halloween themed bezels.  I filled them with UV resin, and shiny shiny glittery pieces (which I’m not very good at photographing).

I also filled a couple of teeny tiny potion bottles with layers of resin and glitter – and I managed to get most of it actually in the bottle too.

2019-10-06 17.00.15

This photo is evidence that I missed when I first started.  It is also very typical of the type of mess I make whenever I work with resin.  Or do any crafting really.

2019-10-04 14.38.36

I cured all the pieces with a lamp for a while, then placed them on the windowsill under a translucent tupperware box.  They fully cure that way – even if it does take a lot longer.  The tupperware is mostly for protecting the pieces from dust and cat hair.

2019-10-06 16.59.36

I flipped the pendants and gave them an hour or two in the sun for the other side to fully cure.  The witch hat also had a little dip for some reason, that I topped up with resin and re-cured.  They all came out pretty well 🙂

2020-02-06 12.25.46




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