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Shapes & Scribbles

It’s been a while since I’ve written about shape challenges or scribble into art challenges.  I’ve still been doing them, but I figured that instead of a blog post for each one I’d combine a bunch of them at a time.

Here’s September’s scribble into art, which is also September’s colours of the month.

October’s scribble into art is another weird-ass looking monster.

In October I also did a shape challenge though that was a robot: part of my 100 Robots challenge I did last year.

In November I did another robot with one of the weekly shape challenges…

…and another weird-ass monster with the scribble into art.

December bought another robot shape challenge…

…and another monster for the scribble into art.

I can’t quite see how I got to that monster from that scribble now, but I promise I did.  Maybe I rotated it?

Another shape challenge in December led to this monster, which appeared in the November scrawlr box post.  Yes, I know those dates don’t make sense.

In January I was a little late.  I actually did the scribble into art on Feb 1st, so that I could squeeze it into Faebruary – look for the blog about that at the end of the month.

The January shape challenge that I did was also a little late.  I liked the shape, so I saved it – I don’t always do these.  But then I forgot about it until a few weeks later.

I definitely seem to have a tendency towards weird-ass little monsters.  Do you like them?

Would you rather see an individual blog post for each challenge piece, or is this round up okay?

You can follow along with the shape challenges, as well as a whole bunch of other regular challenges, with @StudioTeaBreak on Twitter.  I first found @ScribbleIntoArt on Twitter, but they’re also on Instagram.



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