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If you follow any artists on any social media, you’ve probably seen the #ToonMe trend.  Artists are taking a selfie of themselves, cutting it in half, then drawing the other half in a cartoony style.  

The first one I saw was this one by Amanda Elise, and it took me a second to realise that she’d actually done any drawing.  Sooo good.

2020-01-26 22.23.37 

But then I started seeing more and more of them.  Like this one by the awesome Rockamolly.

2020-01-27 03.21.01

This one by Sparkiiro.

2020-01-26 22.25.52

Kasey Golden did a whole bunch of them. Of herself, of Sock Kasey, her cat, and some of her subscribers.

The trend is all over Twitter too.

Baylee has also “tooned” her subscribers.

And Amanda went back and redid hers a few times too.

There were a range of styles too. Some people tried to match what they’d cut out, some people went super cartoony. Some people added things they wouldn’t normally have in real life.

Some people drew their alternate selves.

But the one thing that seemed consistent amongst all of the ones that I saw, was that they were all done digitally.

I wanted to do it, but I wasn’t confident enough in my digital skills.  Then, during one of SamBeAwesome’s twitch streams, some of us were discussing doing a traditional version.  Sam mentioned that she hadn’t seen any and that it would be a novelty. So that settled it for me. 

I printed off a selfie…

2020-01-30 15.46.30 

…lopped it in half….

2020-01-30 15.46.39

..and attached it to some cardstock.

2020-01-30 15.50.42 

What I didn’t think about was that I’m right handed.  I removed my right side (left in the photo) because I have a wonky eye on that side), but that meant that I would be leaning over the photo to draw – making it slightly more difficult to match up. 

But I coped.

I went with the fantasy version – giving myself gorgeous rainbow hair and elf ears.  I did consider a unicorn horn – because I absolutely love unicorns.  But I figured that half a horn was going to look a bit odd, so I went with a little horn instead.

2020-02-09 14.41.39-1 

I’m really happy with how it turned out. And I’m very proud of Nina’s attempt too. At time of writing she’s only posted a wip so far, but her drawing skills are pretty incredible.

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