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Just Sketching

One of the reasons I have such a large pile of half-finished art pieces is that I have a block in my head that tells me I need to finish every single thing I start.  If I do a little doodle, then I need to work on it until it becomes a fully sketched, inked and coloured piece.

I’m doing a lot better at just sketching these days.  Well, I’m a lot better at just doodling – thanks to wanting to use up the rest of a sketchbook that was falling apart.

But I really am working on stopping at the sketch phase of things that are more than doodles.  Like this one – from an avatar I created using one of those generator apps.

2020-01-03 15.10.25

You might have spotted another sketch in that post actually.

2019-12-10 22.03.54

And the first version of the Elf Queen fairy.

2020-01-30 13.22.42

This one was from a tutorial – but how adorable is he?

2019-12-26 20.52.34

I’m also planning on doing the current run of Animal Alphabets as sketch pieces too, so keep an eye out for those.

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