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St Patrick’s Day Line Art Swap

Nina and I have done it again!  This time we did a St Patrick’s theme, and used the colours of the Irish flag as our palette (apart from character’s hair/eyes etc).


Despite having had an idea for what I wanted to draw while I was still drawing the Valentine’s piece, I completely forgot about this.  My excuse is that I’ve been sick with a cold – I’m a big baby when I get sick.

So when Nina messaged me on the evening of the 16th to let me know she was ready to swap line art, I was a little bit surprised.  I got something done, but it isn’t my best work.  I do think he looks kinda cute though.  This is Nina’s character Ernest, who is a main character in her comic Second Chance.

2020-03-16 22.22.38

Nina drew my character Wren enjoying a drink.

2020-03-17 07.45.25

I coloured her in digitally, and took advantage of the fact that brown is a dark shade of orange.  It’s not cheating!


And what did Nina do with the line art I drew? She did an amazing job, naturally. She used just three colours (and layer modes) to make a rainbow!

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