February Scrawlr Box

The February Scrawlr Box came in exciting new packaging – which I didn’t take a photo of because I opened the box in the evening in a room with poor lighting, and then I threw the box away without thinking.  But here’s a picture from Scrawlr’s “We’re Making Changes” email, along with the other changes they’re making.

scrawlr updates

Inside the lovely new box was this fantabulous art work…

…along with all these goodies.  There was also a chocolate gold coin but that didn’t survive long enough to get photographed.

2020-02-25 12.16.38

There is a little sketchbook, with more of the fantabulous art on it – which also appears on the sticker (that I forgot to photo before I put it on my sketchpad)…

2020-02-26 16.41.05

…as well as a Viking 4B pencil., a white Signo Broad gel pen, a set of Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens, some Culture Hustle Gold Dazzle plant-based glitter, a Stick-It glue pen, two sheets of Nomad 350gsm kraft paper and a Back Pocket sketchbook.

Here’s the menu.

The little sketchbook is so adorable.  It has the same art as the featured artist card, and a little note from him on the inside.

2020-02-25 12.18.00

And this is the inside front and back covers.

This box was delivered the morning I headed off to a cabin in the woods to spend a few days with friends playing board games and D&D, so I picked it up and put it in my bag to open there.  So naturally it had to have glitter in it.

So first I swatched out everything apart from the glitter (and the glue, obviously).

2020-03-12 13.24.13

Then I did a sketch on one sheet of the kraft paper.  A fairy, because I did it during FaeBruary.

2020-02-25 12.40.17

After that I tested out the Pitt pens by doing some Zentangle stuff.

2020-03-12 13.24.20

When I got home – well, a few weeks after I got home, I tested out the glue and glitter on the swatch page.  I’m not entirely stupid though, and prepped a folded piece of paper first to collect all the excess glitter and make it easier to pour back into the bag.

The glue was a little runnier than I’d like, and hard to be precise with.  But it’s glue.  The glitter stuck.

I tried to draw a finer line with the glue pen, and then also one with another glue I have called Anita’s Tacky Glue.  This one has a bit thicker consistency, and comes in a bottle with a small tip so it’s easier to control.

Having established that glitter does in fact stick to glue, I set to work making some art on the other piece of kraft paper.  I used the white gel pen too, to add some contrast.  It looks awesome.

2020-03-23 14.37.32-1

After that I did what any sensible person would do.  I messed around with the glitter.  After I’d coated the back of my hand with glue, let it dry, and then peeled it off.  Obviously.

I drew monster shapes with all the types of basic glue I have.  Apart from the tiny needle nose bottles, they just did outlines.

I have got written down which glitter monster was done with which glue, but it doesn’t really matter.  They’re glue.  The glitter sticks to it.  The only difference was the applicator really – some were easier to squeeze than others, some made finer lines, some were better for flooding.

The important thing is that I now have a bunch of glitter dome monsters.  And look how they sparkle in the sun!





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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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