Now Selling Prints!

As of right now, you can buy some of my artwork in print or sticker form from my Etsy store.


Prints are available in 5×7″ on matte photo paper.  Stickers, sized approximately 4×3″ are also available, on matt vinyl sticker paper.

These items come with free p&p worldwide, and lots of other items on my store also have free p&p.

These are the images available as prints, and as stickers.


And these pieces are available as stickers only.


This is my first time selling my artwork, and I’ve been dithering about prices, but I’ve settled on these for now (thanks to everyone who helped me work these out and gave me advice about selling prints in general).

Stickers are £3

Prints are £5

There are also Almost Perfect versions available, for slightly less money.  These are ones that were printed on the wrong paper, or slightly wonky.  Still excellent, but not quite perfect.

With, as I mentioned, free postage and packaging world wide.

PLUS!! The first ten prints ordered will come with a free sticker – either include a note, or I’ll message you after sale to see which one you’d like.

I’m really excited about this new stage of my store, and look forward to seeing how well it does.

If you have any questions, advice, or feedback, I gratefully accept all comments.  You can comment below, or you can email me via the box on the side of the page or at, or you can catch me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or DeviantArt.

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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