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Maybe Moths?

At the end of February I invited you all to join me in a doesn’t-really-exist month-long art challenge called Moth March.

Now that March is over, this is the post where I show you all the beautiful moths and butterflies that I drew.

Except that I didn’t do any.

For the last month I’ve been really struggling with inspiration for art work.  I’ve wanted to do art, but I haven’t wanted to do anything that I HAVE to do.  Not that there’s any art that I really HAVE to do, but I have a habit of collecting prompts and challenges and so forth.  A lot of those are timed, like Colours of the Month or Animal Alphabets.

Every time I picked up a sketchbook or my tablet, I didn’t want to draw anything I HAD to draw.  So I didn’t.  Which means that I didn’t draw any moths, or any butterflies.

Maybe next year.


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