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Prizes to Win

I’m going to be running two contests for Cozy Con.  There’ll be an art contest which begins on Friday, and a scavenger hunt which begins next Wednesday.

For both contests the prize is a goody bag, and I thought I’d show you what you can win.

2020-04-22 15.21.20

There’s a “redacted” label because I’m an idiot.  I thought I’d covered the code, but only discovered once I’d put everything away that I was wrong.

So what’s in there?

  • A mini alien plushie.  You can select any one you like from any of the four listings I have.
  • A discount coupon for 25% off, which you can use once at any time during the next year.
  • A crocheted zipper pouch.  I have two different ones of these, so you can pick which you’d like.  I’ll flip a coin to see which of the two winners gets to pick first.

2020-04-22 15.22.49

  • An A5 art print.  It doesn’t need to be BB8.  You can pick any one you want from my store.
  • A set of six vinyl monster stickers.
  • A rainbow heart keyring.
  • A floppy disk Hama bead charm.  Again, I have two of these, so you can pick.

2020-04-22 15.23.15

  • A one of a kind monster badge, and a one of a kind monster keyring.  You can pick whichever ones you want from my store.  If you’d prefer two badges or two keyrings, I can accommodate that too.
  • A Hama bead bunny creature.  I can add a magnet to the back if you want, or add a loop so that you can hang it, or you can just mount it on the wall.  Or use it as a coaster.  Once again, I have two of these for you to pick from.

2020-04-22 15.23.02

More than £25 worth of my products, you lucky ducks 🙂  Make sure you come back and check out my contests.


3 responses to “Prizes to Win”

  1. […] The species guide will always be available for free, and I will always be interested to see what you draw.  But if you share it before Monday May 4th 2020, you’ll get entered to win this fabulous goody bag (more details here). […]


  2. […] When the contest closes – at midnight GMT on Sunday May 3rd – I’ll pick a winner at random from the correct answers.  The winner will receive this glorious goody bag.  More details here. […]


  3. […] The winners have been contacted and will receive these awesome goody bags. […]


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