Prizes to Win

I’m going to be running two contests for Cozy Con.  There’ll be an art contest which begins on Friday, and a scavenger hunt which begins next Wednesday.

For both contests the prize is a goody bag, and I thought I’d show you what you can win.

2020-04-22 15.21.20

There’s a “redacted” label because I’m an idiot.  I thought I’d covered the code, but only discovered once I’d put everything away that I was wrong.

So what’s in there?

  • A mini alien plushie.  You can select any one you like from any of the four listings I have.
  • A discount coupon for 25% off, which you can use once at any time during the next year.
  • A crocheted zipper pouch.  I have two different ones of these, so you can pick which you’d like.  I’ll flip a coin to see which of the two winners gets to pick first.

2020-04-22 15.22.49

  • An A5 art print.  It doesn’t need to be BB8.  You can pick any one you want from my store.
  • A set of six vinyl monster stickers.
  • A rainbow heart keyring.
  • A floppy disk Hama bead charm.  Again, I have two of these, so you can pick.

2020-04-22 15.23.15

  • A one of a kind monster badge, and a one of a kind monster keyring.  You can pick whichever ones you want from my store.  If you’d prefer two badges or two keyrings, I can accommodate that too.
  • A Hama bead bunny creature.  I can add a magnet to the back if you want, or add a loop so that you can hang it, or you can just mount it on the wall.  Or use it as a coaster.  Once again, I have two of these for you to pick from.

2020-04-22 15.23.02

More than £25 worth of my products, you lucky ducks 🙂  Make sure you come back and check out my contests.


Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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