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Cozy Con is Here!

It’s here!  The first Cozy Con is this weekend.  It’s happening, people.

You should have already seen the two events that I’m running.  The art contest, and the scavenger hunt.  Two competitions that are so easy they’re practically giveaways.  Go check them out and enter to win a very cool (very customisable) goody bag.

But that’s not all!  I’m also running a massive sale on my Etsy store this weekend.  20% off absolutely everything.  And every order gets a free One Of A Kind Monster Badge or Keyring – just let me know in the comments which you’d like when you buy.


And that’s just me.  You should definitely absolutely go and check out all the other wonderful things happening.  You can find all the vendors here, and the events schedule here.

Some highlights I’m looking forward to are the Sing’N’Sketch stream by Squiggles, the Fursuit DJ set by DJ Fennec FVux, and the Crochet Guessing by Make Merri.

My good friend SamBeAwesome is also a registered vendor – she does all kinds of arty goodness, including commissions, stock photos, tutorials, books, prints and bases.  She’ll be streaming on Sunday – doing fun stuff with Crayola.

And make sure you enter the giveaway on the Cozy Con website to win free merch.

So yeah, lotsa stuff going on.  What are you getting up to this Cozy Con?



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  1. […] as part of the second Cozy Con – which is September 19th and 20th – my good friend SamBeAwesome is running a […]


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