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Dreamcatcher Disaster

One of the things in my cupboard of projects to do/finish was this kit, purchased from The Works years ago.

2020-02-27 15.27.23

Inside was feathers, two types of cord, beads, a needle, a metal hoop, and a set of instructions.

2020-02-27 15.28.21

Well.  I say “instructions”.  I know it’s only a £1 kit, but they could have expanded the instructions a bit more.  For instance, how do I secure the wrapped suede-like cord around the metal hoop?  I went with some knots.  It would have been one, but the suede was in multiple too-short pieces.

The knots look clunky and messy, but I figured I’d camouflage those with some beads later.

2020-02-27 15.53.27

Next the webbing.  Again, the instructions weren’t clear.  Doing the knot that it looked like they were telling me to do was too loose.  The knot I ended up using wouldn’t sit in the right place.  How far apart should I space things?  Should I be pulling the thread taut, or leaving it loose?

I tried my best, but I got this far in and was very unhappy.

2020-02-27 16.06.57

If I’m not enjoying the actual crafting, I’m not gonna keep forcing myself to do it.  Especially for a £1 kit.  So I put it away.

I do still want to make a dreamcatcher, and I might use parts of this kit.  Maybe the feathers.  Definitely the loop.  I have pretty much everything that’s needed in my vast collection of craft supplies.  I’ll just need to find a proper tutorial.  But that’s for another day.

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