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Personality Color Palette

You might have noticed that I enjoy any excuse to do some art.  I like to collect prompts, and I like when palettes are presented to me.

So when I saw this tweet…


…I had to follow the link and get my Personality (according to Buzzfeed) Color Palette.

I ended up with the Summer Forest palette.  Which is a little ironic, considering I detest the summer.

2020-02-19 23.59.42

The description is fairly accurate though.  And the palette is lovely.

I ended up combining it with an @StudioTeaBreak challenge.


I did a watercolour piece of a happy narwhal playing with octopus and starfish friends.

2020-03-01 20.24.40-1

I like how it turned out.  It’s very cute.

Now, I must resist the urge to go collect seventy thousand more palettes from Buzzfeed.

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