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1000 Hands

As I’ve been improving my art skills, both digitally and traditionally, I’ve been drawing more and more actual humanoid figures as well as my little monsters.


And as I do more of them, I start to notice the things I struggle with most.  Eyes are okay, mostly, and I’m not too bothered with the noses.  But I really struggle with mouths, and hands.  Hands!

Like this… look at these monstrosities!


So a few weeks ago I decided that it would be a really good idea to draw 1000 hands.  I’m not sure why I decided this – I’m a bit of a looney.  But surely repetition of something would help.  Surely looking at the different ways other people draw hands would help.

I collected a few (hundred) reference images from Pinterest at varying levels of complexity, like these…


…and started drawing.

I’ve been drawing in batches mostly, occasionally following some tutorials. And so far I have 74 hands.



Just 926 to go!


2 responses to “1000 Hands”

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