Weller-Inspired Wall Art

The other week, whilst scrolling through Instagram I came across this post by Megan Weller.

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PSA – My @twitter account got hacked (same username, @wellermegs), PLEASE don’t click any links coming from that account, I’m not selling Ray Bans or whatever they’re trying to push 😂 Twitter doesn’t seem to be helping me get the account back anytime soon, but I’ll let you guys know if I get it back. On a lighter note, I finally made one of these embroidered canvases! Swipe for the TikTok ➡️💜• • • • • • • • • • #embroidery #embroidered #embroideredcanvas #tiktok #tiktokart #dollartreecrafts #artezaacrylicpaint #sewing #quarantinecrafts #twitter #canvasart #canvaspainting #wallart #gallerywall #diyroomdecor #bedroommakeover #purpleaesthetic #aestheticart #daisy #painting #paintingideas #explorepage #drawingideas #sketchbookideas #artideas #diyhomedecor

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Megan is one of my favourite YouTubers.  She posts lots of videos of art and craft content.  This one looked really fun and easy to do, and I happened to have everything I’d need.

Step 1 – grab a canvas

2020-05-14 10.46.33

Step 2 – add a stripe of painters tape

Step 3 – get out your purple mayonnaise

2020-05-14 10.51.15

(Spoiler: it’s not mayonnaise.  It’s poster paint – also called tempura paint I believe.  The bottle it came in broke during delivery.)

Step 4 – paint.

2020-05-14 11.32.17

Step 5 – paint a squillion layers cos it’s the wrong type of paint to be using.  Get out the heat gun to help dry between layers because you’re impatient.

2020-05-14 11.32.21

Step 6 – don’t forget to make a mess and go slightly too far.

2020-05-14 11.42.55

Step 7 – peel back tape and realise that the paint seeped through.

2020-05-14 12.56.16

Step 8 – pick out some paint pens and swatch to decide what to use.

Step 9 – apply washi tape creating a thick-ish band between the purple and the white.


2020-05-14 13.00.26

Step 10 – use paint pen to fill in the thick-ish band

2020-05-14 13.02.35

Step 11 – remove washi tape, and realise you still don’t have a nice crisp line.

2020-05-14 13.02.55

Step 12 – attempt it by hand, and fail.

2020-05-14 13.03.44

Step 13 – give in and get out a ruler.

2020-05-14 13.20.14

Step 14 – totally freehand the edges because you’re getting frustrated.

2020-05-14 13.22.46

Step 15 – print out a template the right size, and spend a minute or two lining it up.

2020-05-14 15.03.10

Step 16 –  realise that it’s too big and that thanks to the thick frame you need to have a smaller image.

2020-05-14 15.03.28

Step 17 – print a smaller version and tape into place.

2020-05-14 15.09.41

Step 18 – use a pointy tool to punch holes at intervals around the image.

Step 19 – rummage through tub of embroidery floss and dig out the colours you need.

2020-05-14 15.15.22

Step 20 – start to sew.

2020-05-14 15.18.35

Step 21 – stop to pet interrupting cat.

2020-05-14 15.21.27

Step 22 – complete the sewing and admire your wall art.

2020-05-14 15.39.34

I really enjoyed doing this.  It was simple, relatively quick.  A nice distraction.  And it creates a really effective result.  I might do another one at some point soon though.  There are a few things I wasn’t happy with.

The poster paint was the wrong paint to use.  It cracked everytime I pushed the needle through.  Next time I might just use paint pens – the dark purple stripe was fine.

I’ll probably use something thinner to punch the holes too, so I can use thinner thread.

Maybe I’ll use a canvas with more space to sew, get more detail in.

But that’s a future project.

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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