Drawing Upside Down

Every so often I see a YouTube video with a challenge that I just have to mimic.  Recently Appleminte did an upside down drawing.  She wasn’t upside down, but she had the sketchbook upside down for the whole process.

She did an awesome job.  Naturally, I didn’t do anything quite as complicated.  I did one of my little Domuns.

I did the feet, then couldn’t remember which way up the little bean shape on the base of the foot goes.  So I did one each way to decide which looked better.

2020-03-28 16.18.09

I tried to make it a slightly complicated Domun instead of one of the really simple ones – just to add more of a challenge.  Sketching upside down was extremely bizarre.

2020-03-28 16.27.13

But inking was waaayyyy worse.  I’m not so good at keeping smooth lines when inking, and the way I work around that is to turn the page so I’m always moving the pen in the same direction.  I’m better at upstrokes, for example.  With this, I couldn’t turn the page.  Much frustrating.  But I managed eventually.

2020-03-28 16.33.45

Colouring was just as weird.  I think I probably messed up where the shading goes, but I don’t exactly do that “properly” anyway.  I added the date to finish it off.

2020-03-28 18.34.34

And finally it was time to turn it around and see how it turned out.

2020-03-28 18.34.52

He looks a little derpy – but that’s okay.  He also looks kinda like he’s turning away a little.  I’m not sure what that means about the way I draw.  But I’m happy.  Thanks for the inspiration Appleminte.

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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