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Finishing Old Ideas

When I first started drawing original things, I would ask my friends for random inspiration.  I’d ask them to name an animal, or a colour.  One time I asked them to name a random food and I was going to turn it into a monster.  In that particular session I drew these..

2018-07-09 23.29.23

… but there were lots of suggestions that I never drew.  There was even a sketch I finished but never turned into a completed piece, and a random outline.  These two stayed in my “art to finish” folder for ages.  Ages and ages.  Until recently.

I turned this unfinished sketch (you can see the food suggestions here)…

2020-04-05 17.18.14

…into this poorly photographed illustration.

2020-04-05 17.18.09

The second one I did digitally – I’ve been enjoying digital art a lot more recently.  I turned this outline…

2020-05-27 23.08.14

I have no idea what “space dicks and clop” means.

..into this tasty looking monster.


I still have a few things in my “art to finish” folder.  I might get around to them one day.

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