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Three Marker Challenge

I like challenges.  I like being given constraints.  In fact, I usually prefer that to just “draw anything”.  I do a lot of colour challenges – what with Colours of the Month and palette challenges.  

When Waffles did a three marker challenge recently…

…I decided a good old fashioned 3 marker challenge was a good idea.  I didn’t want to tip all my markers out and mix them up to pick at random though, so I asked my friend Cayden (who adjudicates all my challenges) what was allowed.

2020-03-15 09.46.06

He suggested using Jazza’s art app.  Which was a brilliant idea.  If you don’t know, Jazza is an artist on YouTube and a few years ago he released an app for iOS and Android called Jazza’s Arty Games that provides lots and lots of challenges.  One of those is a colour challenge, where you can select 1 to 5 and it’ll give you random colours.

It can pick from whole ranges of various brands, or you can tell it which markers you have.  

First I just selected from the whole range, and attempted to colour match with what I have. Until I discovered that one of my markers that fit best was running out.

So I went back and added all my Copics to the library.  This is also where I noticed that the little colour blobs don’t really match the actual ink colour very well, so my first swatch was wrong anyway.

2020-03-15 18.40.09

After much fussing around, I had a new set of 3 colours.  And a new set of swatches.

2020-03-21 08.26.37

As for what to draw, I combined two of Studio Tea Break’s Shape Challenges to create this masterpiece.

2020-03-26 14.41.23

Also, I forgot to put the backing card in my sketchbook, so I also ended up with this abstract piece.

2020-03-26 14.41.29

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