Craft Haul from The Works

The Works is one of my favourite stores here in the UK.  They sell a little bit of everything: books, toys, games, art stuff, craft stuff.  And they have very good prices too.  I recently did an online order and got myself a whole bunch of goodies.

I got an adhesive roller, because they’re always useful.  And I got this chalkboard marker because I’m always eager to try out a new white pen.

2020-05-14 13.29.39

The chalkboard marker isn’t too bad.  Better for drawing onto black than for adding accents to stuff, but that’s okay.  It is a chalk marker after all, not a paint pen.

I got a pack of off-brand Sharpies, for a future blog project that you’ll see eventually.

2020-05-14 13.29.49

I got some cute Christmas paper.  Possibly for a blog project, possibly because I’m addicted to cute papers.  Let’s just say both.

2020-05-14 13.29.59

Some stamps.  The alphabet set also has a whole bunch of border stamps.

Some Christmas washi tapes.  Initially intended to be a Christmas present for myself – I like to get bits throughout the year and wrap them up so I forget about them.  But I think I’m gonna use them to make Christmas cards at some point.

2020-05-14 13.31.46

A wooden box.  The Works does a wide range of these, in different sizes and designs.  I love them.  You can decorate them, but I also think they look pretty cool as they are.

2020-05-14 13.31.57

Some more papers.  Pretty pretty papers.  I may have involuntarily sighed happily when I flipped through these.

2020-05-14 13.32.11

Some sheets of foamboard.  Not very glamourous.  For a future project.

2020-05-14 13.32.35

Another one of these blank covered notebooks that I like.

2020-05-14 13.32.45

And finally some decoupage papers.  The stars and the tartan are for a specific project.  The snowflakes were just cos they’re pretty.

2020-05-14 13.33.15

So, how many of these teased projects do you think you’ll see this year?

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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