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Magic Markers

At some point last year, during a trip to Poundland (a UK version of a dollar store), I saw these.

2019-08-17 16.24.21

I had a brief flashback to childhood.  We used these more than once, and I was always amazed.  Even know, I don’t entirely get how they work.  They must be actual magic.

2019-08-19 20.14.14

If you don’t know what they are, they’re simple felt tip pens.  When you colour with them, the colour is the colour (roughly) of the barrel.

2019-08-19 20.16.15

When you go over that with the white pens, the colour changes to the the colour (roughly) of the lid.

2019-08-19 20.19.52

After swatching, I drew out a Domun.  Colouring the small parts was fine.

2019-08-19 20.27.15

When you move to the larger sections you start to get the same issue you always get with water-based markers.  Streaky, starting to tear up the paper.  But I’m not aiming for a masterpiece here.

2019-08-19 20.38.57

And then you add the magic and voila!

2019-08-19 20.43.21

As ever with water-based markers I considered that they’d probably work better for lettering pieces.

2019-08-19 20.55.39

I was right!

2019-08-19 20.59.21


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