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Unicorns, Narwhals and More

When doing my online grocery shop a while ago, I found this in the magazines section and decided to treat myself.

2020-05-23 16.14.03

Inside are four pastel markers and two glitter glue tubes, and a colouring book.  Obviously.

2020-05-23 16.14.11

The colouring pages are your usual cheap adult colouring book fare, with just over half of them being unicorn or narwhal themed.

Step one: swatching.

The markers are water based felt tip pens, in really nice colours.  The purple was a little dry though.  The glitter glues are… well they’re glitter glues.

I coloured in this narwhal, using the glitter glue for his main body, and for inside the letters.  Then I left it to dry overnight, because glitter glue.

2020-05-23 16.16.24

And then, because that was kinda awful and I wanted to make something nicer, I used my alcohol markers to do this unicorn.

2020-05-25 12.34.35

I tried to use the felt tips for a lettering piece, because the colours really were gorgeous.  Four letter word…. I didn’t wanna be cliche and do “love” or anything, so I was gonna go with “cats” but the purple failed me.

2020-05-25 14.10.06

Okay, three letter word.  You know how I didn’t do “love”?  Well I went and did my boyfriend’s name.

2020-05-25 14.24.18

And then, to prove that I could, I got my alcohol markers out again.

2020-05-25 14.40.37

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