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Resin Haul

Since my last resin post back in October, I’ve collected a few more bits and pieces.  I have a half-finished project that I started in February that I want to get around to finishing sometime soon, and since I’ll be using some of these bits and pieces I figured I’d do a resin haul and show you what I’ve got.

I got some small cat head molds to do some swatches/testing, except that they were waaayyyy too small (pen for scale), so I got some bead molds and some pendant molds.

2020-05-23 16.40.34

I got some more molds, because molds are awesome.


Including this 3D unicorn mold that stands upside down while you cast it.


I got a sample of powder pigment, which was a hell of a job.  I tried ordering from AliExpress and it never arrived, so I got a refund.  And then I ordered from AliExpress again and it never arrived, so I got another refund.  Eventually I paid twice the price to get one from eBay, and then one of the AliExpress ones arrived.

2020-05-23 16.44.12

I got a whole bunch of gorgeous things to include in the resin.

2020-05-23 16.46.20

2020-05-23 16.47.51

I got some pots for storing things.

2020-05-23 16.50.40

And some silicone jugs.  These are actually the second set of silicone jugs I’ve bought.  I bought a smaller set, and used them in the half-finished project from February, but they weren’t big enough.

2020-05-23 18.41.08

I got some syringes.

2020-06-21 14.42.12

And I got a set of scales.

2020-06-21 14.42.37

Technically they’re for weighing resin, and weighing parcels for posting and things.  Actually, they’re going in the kitchen.  The mucky ones from the kitchen are gonna be for resin and stuff.

Finally I got a little wooden pendant to cast something pretty in.

2020-05-23 20.09.03

My mold collection is looking pretty extensive at the moment.


And I have quite a few inclusions too.


I think I’m missing a few things actually.  I’ll have to chase up everyone I might have loaned stuff too.

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