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Synesthesia Me

A few months ago the Trending For You section on Twitter showed me this tweet by Elemental.


The article is very cool.  Synesthesia is a fascinating condition.  But what captured me most was the generator.  Obviously.

2020-02-11 00.05.30

So what colour is my name?  I decided before I even entered my name that I was going to do art based on this palette.

2020-02-11 00.16.31

When it first came up my initial reaction was a wee bit of disappointment.  I suppose I was kind of (irrationally) hoping it would be a rainbow.  But as I kept looking at it I started to like it more and more. 

Of course there are duplicates.  I have duplicate letters in my name.  This is logical.  But the green, black, grey, yellow, and blue actually make a pretty palette.

So what to draw?  Well, first of all, obviously, a monster.


This particular monster is a shape challenge monster.

I also decided to do something a wee bit more complex, and drew this girl.


Now that I’m getting more confident with digital drawing, I’ve been playing around with the different brushes.


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