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One of my favourite Twitter feeds is @StudioTeaBreak.  They’re the people behind the shape challenges that I do occasionally.   They have a weekly schedule for different challenge types.

On Mondays they do a Mythical Mashup – where they suggest a mythical creature and a random item for you to put together.  Tuesdays are a Shape Challenge – but an environmental one, taken from someone’s photograph.  Wednesdays are another Shape Challenge.  Thursdays are Portrait Challenges – where they present a piece of art or a sculpture for people to draw.  And on Fridays a Weekend Challenge is presented by @CFcomiX, always something different.

Once it was to draw a legendary creature being affected by human crimes against nature (pollution etc), once it was to design a sandwich based on your personality, once it was to combine an animal with a musical instrument.  Some of these weekend challenges intrigue me, and some don’t.

The Plantimals challenge was one of those that did.

2020-05-17 11.34.34

I decided that one of the many Mondo Mascots I’d screenshotted to draw would be perfect for this challenge.  There were actually a dozen that would meet the brief, but I settled for Hana-chan.

2020-05-16 13.00.59

I did it digitally – I’m doing a lot of art digitally at the moment, I’m really enjoying it.  And I managed to put it in a scene too, which I’m trying to do more.  I tend to have a lot of characters floating in white space.


For the background I experimented with some of the fun brushes.  I did not draw all those leaves individually.

I think it turned out really cute.  What do you think?

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