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Tutorial Tuesday

So, Tutorial Tuesdays is the one of these three habits (the others being Figure Friday and Sunday Studies) that I’m most keeping up with I think.  It helps when one of my favourite artists releases a tutorial for me to follow.

2020-03-19 12.49.40

I couldn’t resist drawing my three kitties.

2020-03-24 16.05.17-1

Yes, originally Tutorial Tuesday was supposed to be helping with my digital skills.  Yes, this piece was traditional.  Who cares?

The next piece is traditional too. It’s also in the March Colours of the Month.

Next up is two sets of hands, included in my 1000 Hands challenge.  Also traditional.  I promise there’s some digital coming up soon.

2020-04-07 21.01.34

Here ya go.  Digital.  It’s a unicorn, because unicorn.

Have another digital one.  Another kitty – not based on one of mine this time.

But I’m gonna round up this blog post with a final traditional piece.  I am Groot!!


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