Die Cut Disaster Averted

I’ve been buying some dies for my die cut machine, and because I get them from AliExpress they’ve been trickling in slowly.  I was going to wait until they all arrived, and play with them at once, but when these arrived I couldn’t help but start cutting.

2020-06-15 12.17.01

I got out some scraps of coloured paper and cut out a whole bunch of letters.  I cut extras of the vowels and letters like T, S, R, that are more common.  Intending to position them onto something later.

2020-05-29 18.47.26

Later arrived, and I sat down to root through the pieces to make something.  I settled on “Crafted By Colette”.

Now, the problem with this particular style of letter is that the insides of the letter are not attached to the outside.

2020-05-29 18.49.48

Which means that to get a complete letter you have to look for teeny tiny pieces.  Fiddly.  And you have to be precise with the glue, and exact with where you place it.  I’m not really known for being precise or exact.

I did consider using the cut out pieces for some letters, for a jumbled kind of look.

2020-05-29 18.55.23

I was at this stage, when I moved something on my desk and inadvertantly created a small gust of wind.  Only a small gust was needed.  (Boyfriend cameo incoming).

2020-05-29 19.03.44

They went everywhere.  Behind the laptop, on the floor, on the shelf.  I gathered up as many as I could but in the process they got grimy and crumpled.

So I decided to reboot.  I got out some fresh cardstock and cut out just the letters I needed.

2020-05-29 19.43.54

I used my needle-nosed bottle of glue to apply small amounts, because I can be very heavy handed.


For the letters with the fiddly middle parts, I tried putting the glue just on the parts I wanted to stick, then using my picks to remove the rest.


But that didn’t work out so well.

2020-05-29 19.48.00

So I embraced the fiddly, tried my damnedest to be precise, and held my breath.  I don’t think I did too bad a job though.

2020-05-29 20.05.33




Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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