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Learning to Use a Water Brush

I wrote recently about making my own watercolour palette. At the end of that I said “If only I could use a water brush, then I’d be really mobile.”

I want to be able to use a water brush, I really do. They’re clever and convenient, not to mention less messy. And look how neatly one fits in the space in my palette.

2020-01-11 23.35.55
But I just couldn’t get to grip with it. I had trouble controlling the water, I couldn’t pick up the paint, I couldn’t get a smooth stroke. It was frustrating.

Then SamBeAwesome asked me what brand I was using. Well… I wasn’t really using a brand. I was just using ones I had acquired. All off-brand ones.

2020-01-11 22.53.22

So I got myself a Pental Aquash.

And oh my goodness. Suddenly I can use a water brush! Look how less messy it is. It’s so easy to clean out.

2020-02-17 02.45.55
I tested with monsters, obviously.

2020-02-17 09.46.45

And then I did some cute fat birds, inspired by an image found on Pinterest.

 Plus, it fits just as neatly in my palette.

2020-02-18 12.23.18

I don’t think I’ve used a normal brush since – until the April Scrawlr Box anyway.


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