Wish vs AliExpress: Haul

Last week I introduced a new series based on an idea I had and implemented years ago.  You should go back and read that, but the upshot is that I did a bunch of shopping on both Wish and AliExpress.

And here’s the haul post.  First, the obligatory picture of the pile of packages.

2018-11-27 18.56.19

So many packages! Lots of fun.  I did open them to check what they were, but I didn’t take anything out or have a proper look until I had all of them.  Now let’s go in the same order as the shopping haul.

Item 1: pencils

Wish is on the left, and AliExpress is on the right.

2018-11-27 19.00.16

The AliExpress pencils feel a little nicer in the hand, but they’re all pretty similar.  They’re pencils.  The Wish set had 2 labelled 2H, but we’ll wait for the swatching post before I decide if it’s a dupe or not.

Item 2: erasers

Again, Wish on the left and AliExpress on the right.

2018-11-27 19.01.41

There is literally nothing to say about these.  They are exactly the same product.

Item 3: sharpeners

2018-11-27 19.00.50

The one from Wish doesn’t look like the ones in the listing, but it is the same shape so I’m not too bothered.

Item 4: pens

2018-11-27 19.01.54

Like the pencils, the AliExpress ones feel ever so slightly nicer in the hand.

Item 5: colouring pencils

Neither of these packages did well in transit.

2018-11-27 19.05.58

But the pencils themselves appeared to be undamaged.  They might have shattered leads, but I wouldn’t find out about that until swatching time.  There was a pencil missing from the Wish packet too.

2018-11-27 19.08.58

That’s it for the haul post.  Next week is the post you all really care about – the swatching 🙂

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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