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Animal Alphabets

I finally finished off the Mythical Alphabet round of Animal Alphabets on Twitter. Sort of.

In my last update I got as far as D. After that it took me eight weeks to do the Each-Uisge…

…And then seven weeks to do the Frost Giant…

…And six weeks to do the Golem.

It took me nine weeks to do the Hatsailing…

…Eight weeks to do the Ijiraq…

…Seven weeks to do the Jasconius…

…And six weeks to do the Kitsune.

I was doing them in batches. One session of drawing every few months. Two weeks after the last letter was announced, and the day after the next run was announced, I realised that the reason I was always behind was because I just wasn’t inspired by a lot of them.

So instead of letting it be one more thing adding pressure to my brain, I’d only draw the ones I wanted to draw. I skipped the Llamhigyn Y Dwr, the Mizuchi and the Nian.

I did the Otso Bear…

…And then skipped the Peryton and the Qebehsenuef.

I did the Rainbow Fish – although I felt really bad about not doing an actual rainbow.

I skipped the Sarimanok, the Tailypo, the Unhcegila and the Valravn.

Then I did the Will-o’-the-wisp…

…And the Xanthus.

Finally I skipped the Yowie and the Zitiron.

I’m taking on the Fan Art round with the same attitude. I’m only drawing the ones I actually want to draw – which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

3 responses to “Animal Alphabets”

  1. Good fun wasn’t it, in fact I couldn’t leave those mythical creatures behind for #Sketchtober so started a whole new round (as well as taking part in the next ‘fan art’ challenge for AnimalAlphabets. Some fab work here though, love seeing other people’s interpretations of things I’ve drawn as well. Good work Colette, keep on drawing!


  2. […] the year since my last post, there has been two full rounds of Animal Alphabets over on […]


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