August Scrawlr Box

I wasn’t overly intrigued by the August Scrawlr Box, which is probably why it took me several weeks to get around to doing it – let’s just not mention the two boxes from this year that I haven’t done at all yet.

Inside the box you have a 3 pack of art board, a palette knife card, three tubes of heavy body acrylic, a paint brush and the wrong pencil.

Here’s the menu with the details.

And here’s the art print by Bastien Marienne, complete with bonus Jasper tail.

I think the reason this one didn’t pique my interest right off was because it’s acrylic. I have no experience with acrylics. I do have a set of acrylic paints which I plan to get around to learning to use at some point. But I have no idea how to paint with them. As evidenced by what is upcoming.

I didn’t do any research first for this, I just went in. I plopped some of the paint into a palette, and started swatching. I swatched the colours as they were, and then started mixing them. I quickly found that I had a lot of paint on the brush and no idea how to get it off.

After the rainbow gradient you can see in the background of that picture failed…

…I moved on to doing a monster on one of the art boards. I think I put too much water in the paint because it was really streaky.

So I globbed more on. And I tried to keep the paint within the lines, but with so much paint on the brush it was hard.

After a while I got really frustrated and just scooped up all the paint left in the palette and smushed it into the board.

I guess it’s an abstract monster.

I wasn’t quite ready to give up though. I decided I’d use the same art board, the same sketch, the same paint brush, but with watercolours. And to be fair I was only going to use three watercolours – in the same colours as the acrylics.

I used Arteza Rose, Arteza Lemon and Koi Cobalt. And it was super streaky again.

Maybe it was the art board. So I moved on to watercolour paper.

Because you need to wait for watercolour bits to dry, I nearly always do a couple of pieces at the same time. So I went back to the art board. I tried again with the acrylics.

I spent a good hour or two at these. It was difficult, and almost unenjoyable. But I ended up with two pieces I was semi happy with.

Eventually I’ll get around to properly learning how to use acrylics. Maybe when I’ve done that I’ll come back to these paints. I have nothing to judge against, but they seemed to be of a decent quality. And they were definitely bright and vibrant.

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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