Wish vs AliExpress: Arting

After three weeks of pre-amble, I’m finally gonna do some art!

Like with the swatching, I did this on a page from my Faber-Castell Mixed Media Pad. I did the piece with the Wish supplies on the left, and the AliExpress supplies on the right.

Once I’d sketched out my two little fairies…

… I did the first inking. I used the 0.1 pen for Wish and the 01 pen for Ali, assuming they were the same size. The vaguely sketchy lines on the left were just me getting used to the shapes. They’ll be better when I’m finished and don’t reflect the quality of the pen at all.

Next up, erasing the pencil lines. Both erasers created a lot of mess. The Wish stuff spread around more, and seemed like it created more mess. Maybe I used more graphite with that one?

I filled in the pupils with 0.8 pen and the 08 pen, then I got to colouring. It was a lot harder to get darker colours with the Wish pencils.

After that I went over the inking again. I used the 0.3 and 03 pens. I didn’t go over the wings, so they still had a lighter look. And I used the 0.1 pen to go over the softer sketchier lines in the hair of the Wish fairy.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that with the final inking the fairies also received some colour on their lips and cheeks. I realised after I’d inked that I’d forgotten those. It was really hard to add colour to the cheeks of the Wish fairy. You can barely see it.

So here are my completed fairies. What do you think?

So that’s the end of the series right? Wrong! Tune in next week to hear my conclusions, and to see a bonus piece of art.

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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