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Cutting a Cricut Card

One of the first projects I did with my brand new Cricut was to make a birthday card for my sister.

I decided to be really fancy and make an envelope with her name cut out. I picked a really pretty font, added it to an envelope SVG from Simply Crafty SVGs, and it cut really well. Picking out all the little bits was very satisfying.

I made sure to keep the insides of the a’s and the e.

I stuck some black cardstock on the reverse of the card, and then very carefully glued those inners back into place. I’m not so good with precise stuff, but I didn’t do too badly.

For the actual card I used an SVG I’d downloaded from LoveSVG and cut it on matt silver vinyl that I got with my Cricut bundle from MDP.

I cut it out of the sheet before weeding and this was probably my first mistake. I couldn’t weed it.

So I tried a thicker font, and made my second mistake. I didn’t pay attention to where it was positioned on the mat with regards to where my vinyl was.

My third attempt worked well and I managed to weed it okay.

I cut a frame shape from a glossy green vinyl and layered the two pieces on the reverse of the black card stock on the envelope, so it became a one piece card and envelope.

Yes, I sign cards from my cats. Yes, I’m weird.

Michaela loved the card, and I plan on doing something similar for myself soon.

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