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September Scrawlr

September’s Scrawlr Box was one of those ones that captured my interest immediately. So much so that I forgot about my dinner in the microwave and by the time I got to it I had to reheat it again.

Inside the box was five Posca markers, a fine liner, a pencil, a pad of marker paper, and a really really yummy sweet.

The featured artist this time was SP:Zero with a very funky piece including a unicorn. You can always win me over with a unicorn. And the zine looked very cool too.

The cover of the marker pad was torn, but I wasn’t too bothered about that. I got right into swatching within minutes of opening the box.

Then I used a shape challenge to sketch out a monster. I tried to use as many big shapes as possible, knowing that detail wasn’t going to be easy.

Colouring went well enough. There was an occasional paint burp, a bit of paint contamination, and a full on drop where it shouldn’t be.

But nothing that wasn’t fixable or adaptable.

The biggest problem I had was fighting the urge to outline. I couldn’t get the stripes on the tail to neaten up, and her hands were one big blob. I tried added some white to define the hands, and going around the edges, but I wasn’t overly keen on the fact that you could still see the white.

I didn’t want to do an outline because Posca markers are great for big lineless pieces, but in the end I gave in. Plus, they had included a fine liner in the box. I think she looks pretty good.

And I did a batch of monsters too, so that there was still something lineless. These are adorable too.

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