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Coming Up Cricut

Shortly after I got my Cricut I decided that it would be a great idea to do this year’s 13 Days of Halloween blog series with all Cricut crafts. I did a bunch of research, downloaded a load of projects, made a load of lists.

And then my Cricut stopped working properly. It would only cut half of a shape, and not the other half. I tested different materials, settings, blades, depths, mats, housing… everything I could think of.

I got in touch with Cricut customer support and over the course of a week through back and forth emails and videos, they had me test different materials, settings, blades, depths, mats, housing… Eventually they decided that the machine needed replacing.

I had to cut the belt of the first one before they’d send a replacement – which is understandable, but really odd. Hey, you know this thing you’ve wanted for years? That you saved months for? That’s the biggest purchase you’ve made in forever? Yeah, go ahead and destroy it.


And then there was a few days where I had no Cricut at all, and customer support just kept telling me they were waiting for a tracking number. Very frustrating.

There were all these projects I wanted to do. More and more of them every hour because I was obsessed. All I was doing was researching and watching videos and trawling through SVG websites, and adding to the list of things I wanted to do. Whenever I got my Cricut again.

Eventually it arrived. And I was very excited! I’ve had it for a week now and it’s still working – yay!

I’ve tested it thoroughly, doing a few (by which I mean many) of the projects on my list. Including these adorable Cricut Cuties.

The Cutie is a kind of Cricut mascot – you can get little figurines of it when you get certain bundles from certain places.

I was also inspired by the card that I made my sister, and this rainbow that I did with leftover paint ages and ages ago.

I mirrored my cut out, and left the cut on the mat. I applied glue to that and then placed the rainbow on top. That way I didn’t have to deal with fiddly inner letter bits. In theory.

It mostly worked. I probably should have left it to dry on the mat. Because I’m impatient, I didn’t. I ended up having to reposition one or two inner letter bits.

So yeah, I have a working Cricut. And it’s two weeks til Halloween. Which means that starting tomorrow I’ll be posting 13 Days of Cricut Halloween projects.

Don’t miss it!

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