13 Days of Cricut Halloween – Frames and Accordions

This post, like Tuesday’s, has a bonus project! Basically, I had too many ideas for projects and I couldn’t completely cull the list. So there are more than 13 projects this year.

First up today is some spooky frames I found on Caluya Designs. They’re just so awesome, I had to do something with them.

I also found this set on the same website, but I decided to go with the skeleton couple for this year.

I cut them on A4 black cardstock. I was a little disconcerted by the look of it when it was fresh out of the machine. Lots of sticky up bits and moved bits.

But when I peeled off the mat, it neatly left all the extra bits stuck to the mat. Most of them anyway.

I applied some sticky foam pads to the back, then attached it to a piece of white cardstock.

It’s probably not centered, but I’m not too bothered. I really like the slightly raised look too.

On to the lady.

This time the cut didn’t peel from the mat quite as easily. We had a spider casualty.

And there was a bit where the cut didn’t quite go through, and the other spider had a funky looking leg. I think my blade was starting to go dull.

I didn’t bother trying to reattach the lost spider – it was way too fiddly for a seasonal decoration that probably wouldn’t last til next year. (Says the girl who still has Christmas decorations up from two years ago.)

I did the same thing as I did with the gentleman skeleton. I applied sticky foam pads and then attached it to white cardstock. This one is definitely not centered. The pads stuck to the cardstock before I was ready, and I didn’t want to tear it all up. But it still looks good.

I used more foam pads to stick them to my wall, which is when I realised I probably could have applied them to a piece of A3 card. But they look cool nonetheless.

The second project today is a similar craft – cut from black card stock.

This is an accordion Halloween village from Extreme Papercrafting.

I made sure my blade and housing were clear and unclogged. And I stabbed the blade into a scrunched up ball of tin foil multiple times. I know this doesn’t actually sharpen the blade, but it does help clear microscopic dirt apparently.

The cut certainly seemed cleaner.

When I was poking out all the extra pieces I spotted a few issues though. There was some feathering, but I could cut that off easily.

And some of the pieces didn’t want to come away. I am impatient and also imprecise so I didn’t grab my craft knife to complete the cuts. I just tugged gently and left all the tearing on the same side of the card.

Next I took the two doors that looked like they should be open, and opened them.

Finally I had two pieces of Halloween village all ready to attach. Fatty was helping.

I dabbed little amounts of tacky glue to the tabs of the second piece and attached it to the first piece.

If you have one of the 12 x 24” Cricut mats, or if you cut it smaller, you can weld the pieces in Design Space and cut it as one piece. But this was simple enough.

Finally I folded between the houses.

I think it looks pretty cute.

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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