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13 Days of Cricut Halloween – Luminaries

One of the things that pops up a lot when searching for Halloween crafts is luminaries – or little lanterns. I gathered quite a collection of ones I wanted to do, then narrowed it down to two.

The first one is from Extreme Papercrafting – the image from their site is obviously from an older site name. If you type in that website though it redirects you.

The cut was very simple. The top rectangle is cut from vellum – or translucent paper – and the bottom part is cut from cardstock.

The lines on the SVG had small cut dashes for the folds, but I swapped them out for score lines. The cut was clean but I don’t think I had the scoring stylus settled in right because there wasn’t much of an actual dent – more of just a light trace.

I managed to get the folds in the right places though – I used a metal edged ruler and a pointy tool.

I assumed you were meant to glue the vellum to the card but the folds didn’t line up.

So I assembled the vellum as one piece, and the cardstock as another.

And slotted the vellum inside.

The second one came from Cricut Access.

I didn’t do the whole set of three, just the ghost one. It was another simple cut – this time from three different colours of cardstock.

I forgot to put the scoring stylus in entirely, so I got out my metal edged ruler and pointy tool again.

It all put together nice and easily.

Now it was time to light them up.

I used one of those little battery-powered LED tea lights and they look pretty cute.

I think if I was going to do the ones from Cricut Access again I’d put a layer of vellum on the back of the window – to hide the candle and diffuse the light.

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