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13 Days of Cricut Halloween – Font Cloud

I’m always seeing font cloud images on Pinterest, and while I was searching for Halloween projects a lot of lists of Halloween words showed up, and a lot of links to free Halloween fonts. So my brain took 2 and 2 and made 4.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds though. Design Space did not like so many images – it ran really really slowly.

I used Wordmark.It to help me sort through all my fonts and just my brain for picking words. It took quite a while for Design Space to move things around, but eventually I had my image.

I converted to draw, because I was going to draw this with one of the Cricut fine liners. It turned all the fonts to bubble text, which was expected.

Initially I was going to do it on a white or grey cardstock, but when I was looking in my box I found this stuff and fell in love with it.

It took a while to draw, about an hour. The little bit of text you can see here was at 10 minutes in when I realised I hadn’t closed the clamp.

Jack-o-lantern took about twenty minutes in total, because it turns out it was all dots.

But I finally had my finished drawing.

I used a different fine liner to fill in, because the Cricut pens need to be held upright and that’s awkward to draw with. I started off filling in Jack-o-lantern and started to realise that not all of the words needed to be filled in. Some of them might actually look better empty.

I carried on and filled in ones that definitely needed it – like boo.

There were a couple where all the detail would be lost if I filled in, so I left those – like fear and cauldron.

I filled in a bunch of the ones in a really thin font – like ghost and howling.

Next I tried patterns. I started with bats.

I wasn’t entirely sure about it, but I figured that I’d try a few more and if they didn’t look right then I could always fill them in later.

Then I did a couple of words with a half-fill, like this.

After that I just carried on until I decided it was finished.

I think it looks pretty good. What do you think? Are there any words you would have added?

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