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Figure Fridays

I think we’re overdue a check in with Figure Fridays.

This project was originally intended to be a year-long challenge, but I haven’t really done that many of them, and I enjoy them, so I might extend the challenge to next year too. With a concerted effort to do it more often.

I realised that since I do most of my art digitally at the moment it probably made more sense to do the figure sketches digitally too.

I didn’t have the tablet nearby when I decided to actually pay attention to my reminder in June.

But I went back to digital in September. I followed a tutorial for this one…

…And continued using that technique for this page.

I liked one of them so much I saved it to use as a base for a character, which eventually turned into the witch I drew with my birth date palette for my 13 Days of Cricut Halloween series.

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