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Scribble Into Art

It’s time for another ongoing challenge update. This time it’s the monthly Scribble Into Art challenge.

These ones are fun. I love seeing what other people do with them – I’m fascinated by what people see in the scribble.

I usually turn these into monsters.

February turned into a dog turtle monster, using the Colour Collective for that week (blog incoming).

In March I made an ice cream turtle unicorn monster thing.

In April I combined the scribble with the Colours of the Month and went digital.

May was another combination with Colours of the Month.

June is another Colours of the Month, but one that hasn’t been blogged yet.

July was an as-yet-unblogged Colour Collective, and a bit of a drawing style experiment.

But near the end of September I realised that I hadn’t done August’s scribble OR September’s scribble yet. Instead of worrying too much about it – because I worry about everything – I decided to wait until October’s scribble came out, combine the three, and use them as a base for a Zentangle piece.

Luckily, October had two scribbles, which gave me one for each quadrant.

I uploaded them into Design Space…

…And converted them into draw lines. This evened out the difference in thickness in the uploads. I don’t mind the double lines too much – it’s easily resolved.

I moved them into position so that they overlapped a little.

And then I used the draw function to draw it out onto 12 x 12” cardstock. I planned on a piece using only black ink, so I opted for a pale purple piece of light cardstock.

I had fun working on this. I enjoy doing zentangle style stuff, and the Scribbles Into Art make perfect bases.

2 responses to “Scribble Into Art”

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