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Novelty Pen 5 – Stacker Crayons

This entry in the Novelty Pen series is something I’m sure we all had as kids. Stackable crayons!

You have lots of little sections of crayon that you stack together with whatever one you want to use at the top.

These ones are nice and creamy, with a decent amount of pigment too.

I tried blending them, and layering them. Both work okay.

Then I tested which of my inking pens would work over and under the crayon.

I drew out a small test monster, coloured it in rainbow stripes, and outlined it with Sharpie.

I really loved the rainbow look, and decided my bigger piece needed to be rainbow too. For inspiration I used a Shape Challenge shape.

I turned it into a robot of some description and coloured it in with the crayons.

I did a big chunk of the outlining…

…but wanted my thinner Sharpie for some pieces and that wasn’t to hand, so I finished the piece off a little later.

It’s a rainbow sprinkling robot 🙂

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