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Novelty Pen 8 – Liquid Chrome

This Novelty Pen is another one from a past Scrawlr Box. This is the Molotow Liquid Chrome paint pen. And it is SHINY!! I love the effect this produces.

I enjoyed trying different things while swatching with this.

And my little tester monster was so cute…

…That I decided my main piece needed to be the same style. So I did another one, with different details.

Also with this pen I finally finished a WIP (work in progress) that’s been sat on my desk for an unknown amount of time. I painted these galaxies ages and ages and ages ago…

…And I’d seen some images on Pinterest where people had added metallic highlights to galaxy images. So I tried that.

I’m really pleased with how they came out. I love this pen so much. It’s sooooo shiny and juicy and consistent. I need to do more with it.

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