Knitters vs Arthritis

One of the things that terrifies me is getting a condition like arthritis, leaving me unable to do the million crafts and hobbies that keep my mind occupied.

So when I saw on Facebook that the charity Versus Arthritis were holding a knit-a-thon fundraiser I had to get involved.

The concept is very simple. Knitters all over the world – and crocheters – are partaking in various challenges to raise money. Some people are taking on a challenge like a making a blanket, some people are stash-busting, some people are knitting all day on March 6th (or other days).

I’ve chosen to add to my mini alien army.

I love these little dudes. I have several dozen in various places around my house, and if you’re a friend or family member you’ve probably got one or two as well.

I sell them too – you can get your very own on my Etsy store. I have some premade, and of course I’ll be making more soon. But I can make one in any colour or colours you’d like. I can add a keyring for no extra cost so you can take your little friend with you everywhere. I’m even experimenting with adding a magnet.

I make a lot of mini aliens. They take me about 25 minutes to knit and it’s something I tend to do when I’m watching a movie or I’m on a bus. I am incapable of sitting still.

On March 6th I’m going to knit as many of them as I possibly can. And since I’m doing it for a fundraiser I’m afraid I’ve reached that embarrasing point where I have to ask you for money.

Please donate whatever you can towards this excellent cause. My Facebook fundraiser page can be found here, but if you aren’t comfortable with using Facebook you can send your donation via my Ko-fi and I’ll donate it on your behalf.

If you want to wait until after the 6th, and donate per alien I’ve knitted, that’s fine too. The fundraising page is open until the end of March.

I’ll actually be doing two marathons for this project. I like to make up a whole bunch of aliens at a time. Since it’s something I knit while I’m not really looking – I’ve made so many now that the pattern is ingrained in my head – I end up winding the ends around them and collecting lots of them. Even before I start this knit-a-thon I’ve got 45 that need making up.

Making them up is very simple. You start off with this base shape that you’ve knitted.

Then you sew up a seam along the back, turn it inside out, add eyes, stuff, and then sew along the bottom. Simple. I just need to actually do it, instead of collecting mountains of the poor little things.

So on March 13th, I’ll be doing a make-up-a-whole-bunch-of-mini-aliens-a-thon. Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue?

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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