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Washi Tape Tower

I love washi tape.  I do some art using it.  And I collect a lot of it.  I’ve tried various ways of storing it, and at the moment they’re all just randomly in a box. 

And then YouTube recommended this video to me.

It looked simple enough, and pretty cute, so I gave it a go. 

All I needed was some bamboo skewers, and some wooden clothes pegs.  Nice and cheap. 

The other tool that I needed was a hot glue gun.  I have a hot glue gun, and plenty of glue sticks.  It’s not my go-to choice for adhering stuff.  I make a lot of mess with it.  As you’re about to see.

The tutorial in the video was very clear and easy to follow.  Pretty soon I had a stand.  Wonky looking, and covered in excess hot glue, but everything I make is a little bit wonky. 

The important thing is that it works.

It doesn’t look so bad when the tapes are on it. 

So far it’s survived.  The smaller black and silver snowflakes tape on the left end of the top row keeps sliding through, but the rest of it stays in place perfectly fine.

I’m not sure if I’ll make another one.  I do have plenty of tapes left to display.  I don’t have a lot of desk space right now.  Maybe one day in the future.

And maybe when that day comes I’ll have more control over my glue gun and won’t end up with a massive pile of excess glue.

2 responses to “Washi Tape Tower”

  1. This is so cool! I have them stacked in various locations at the moment and can never find them, lovingthis


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