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The End of Tutorial Tuesdays

One of the things I tried to do last year was to do art tutorials every Tuesday.

I did quite a few, and I blogged most of them.  There are a few that I never got around to blogging though. 

Like this adorable dragon/dino by LifeInABujo.

This cute little cat that I can’t find a source for.  I’m gonna try and use less images that I can’t source from now on. 

This gem by Ahninniah.

And two unicorns by Draw So Cutie on YouTube. 

I love that channel.  I have a few dozen lined up to do.

Which is one of the reasons that although Tutorial Tuesdays is over, I’m still going to be doing Tutorial “Tuesdays”.  I like doing tutorials, I’m just not going to limit myself to doing them on Tuesdays. 

I’ve already done a few this year.  Hopefully that’ll be a blog post in a few days. 

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