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It’s (Nearly) Desert Bus Time Again

It’s nearly that time of year. When big-hearted nerds the world over gather around phones, laptops and computers to watch more big-hearted nerds do silly things for a week straight to entertain us.

That’s a pretty good description of Desert Bus, but a more accurate one is that it’s the world’s longest running internet-based fundraiser, combining video games and hilarity to raise money for Child’s Play.

Here’s the video you can find on the website.

Every year crafters of all ages, experience, and skills donate prizes for the Loading Ready Run and Desert Bus teams to give away in either live auctions, donation drives or silent auctions. I’ve donated a few times, and I’m donating again this year.

What you see here is a Pokemon Shadow Box, created with layers of white cardstock cut on my Cricut, and backlit with LED light strips. It’s simple, and genius, and awesome. If I do say so myself.

Here’s the very cheeky description I wrote for the prize page that will appear on the Desert Bus website nearer the time.

Prepare to be a-Mew-sed. I’m gonna Raichu a description so filled with awesome puns you won’t Bayleef it. Whether this prize comes up in Omanyte Watch, Zeta Shiftry, Dawn Gardevoir or Abra Flight, you’re going to be stunned by the Beautifly prize I have for you. Just take a Pikachu.

How Charmeleon is this? I know it’s Farfetch’d but this Scrafty trainer combined only sheets of white cardstock and LED strip lights to create this Tentacool framed artwork.

It took an Unown amount of time to create, but I’m no Fletchling. I took some time to Meditite and finally got it Rhydon.

The frame measures 247mm by 247mm, and is 31mm deep. Batteries not included unfortunately. You’ll need six AA ones. The frame has a hook to hang on the Walrein, but it’s thick enough to Butterfree-stand. I’ve included some velcro tabs if you want to affix the battery packs to the back of the frame.

It would be Onix-ceptable for you to ignore it, so don’t be a Slowpoke and place a Bidoof. Shout about it in the Chatot and let everyone know – let’s get a full on bidding Wartortle going.

And if you’ve read my previous Desert Bus blog posts, you’ll know that my good friend Sam also makes prizes for the Craft-Along. This year he’s made full scale replicas of the M8 Avenger and the M77 Paladin from Mass Effect. Because he’s a forking genius! Follow him on Twitter, and tell him I sent you.

Desert Bus For Hope 2021 starts on Friday November 12th this year, so make sure you tune in and see all the fun.

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