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Three Marker Challenge

One of the people I follow on YouTube did a video a few months ago about doing a retro three marker challenge.

That seemed like a really good idea, so I did one too. I got my boyfriend to randomly/blindly pick three markers for me, and ended up with a fairly cute combination.

I drew out my sketch, and then erased as much pencil as possible.

I did my colouring.

Being extremely neat and precise while I did so, obviously.

And then I gave it an outline.

It wasn’t quite finished. There were a few final touches I wanted to do with a white gel pen, but I was at my boyfriend’s house and didn’t have any with me. No problem, I’d do it in a few days when I got home.

Then I broke my leg.

Yeah. I slipped on the bottom step of the concrete steps outside my boyfriend’s house and fractured my fibula. Fun times.

I finally got home after two weeks in hospital but everything was completely derailed and off track and messy and I didn’t get round to finishing the three marker challenge until five months later.

But I did finish it.

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