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A Christmas post: Am I early, or am I late?

It’s nearing the end of September. Now is a perfect time to write about the projects I did last Christmas. Right?

I’m not make excuses. You all know what I’m like by now. Here it is. There may be more.

I got this colouring book from The Works.

It’s very cute and has a great concept with a little trivia attached.

Because I’d ordered the book online, I had no idea what the pages inside were like. The cover and title page had me fairly reassured though. Until I flipped to day one…

What is that?! Is the whole book that simple and boring?

Luckily, no. A few were more simple than others, but there was nothing else so bland and easy.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete a whole piece every day, so I decided to adapt the tradition a little. I would colour as little or as much as I could each day, on the appropriate day’s page. And then the book would go with the Christmas decorations, and next year I’d do it again. After a few years I might end up with a finished book.

So I coloured the gorgeous Santa on the title page.

And then realised that I’d not be able to do the numbers on each spread if I didn’t use the right mediums. The paper quality is not fantastic.

That’s fine. I’d just be careful.

And on, to Advent!

I did a Zentangle design for day one, to make use of those big empty shapes.

Day two was fun. Look how gorgeous that tree is!

Day three was another simpler one, and I finished most of the page.

Day four was a couple of birds. Doves? Pigeons? Pheasants? Penguins? Who knows.

Day five is going to have more sneaky rainbows.

Now, day six had limitations. Remember I said that I wouldn’t be able to colour the numbers because pen bleeds through? Well luckily I had flipped through the whole book, because days seven and eight were only pages with numbers.

So day six had to be coloured pencils. No problem.

Here’s day seven.

I got a bit rainbow happy with day eight.

Day nine was some lovely ornaments.

Day ten is just delicious.

Day eleven is a beautiful snow globe. You can’t have a Christmas colouring book without a snow globe.

Day twelve got some rainbow confetti star shapes.

Day thirteen is an army of snowmen.

Day fourteen is some more ornaments – these ones looking delicious.

Day fifteen is a fireplace scene with a cute little kitty.

Day sixteen is sooooo many presents!

Day seventeen is an overflowing stocking.

And that’s as far as I got because Boris Johnson cancelled Christmas, and because Covid and all that shit and because it was all I could do to not sink into depression.

But there’s always next year. This year. A couple of month’s time.

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