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Animal Alphabets – an Update

I have several ongoing series on my blog. Well, I have several folders of ongoing blog series in my blog folder. I haven’t actually updated any of them in far too long. So let’s update one now.

In the year since my last post, there has been two full rounds of Animal Alphabets over on Twitter.

There was the Fan Art series that I mentioned at the end of that post.

A lot of these I wasn’t a fan of. A lot of them I didn’t recognise. And a lot of them I just couldn’t be bothered to draw. I’m trying not to force myself to complete every single challenge cos I get behind super quickly and then I get guilty and stressed and end up never completing it.

S o I skipped Animal and Bingo.

I did do the Cheshire Cat though.

I skipped Droopy Dog, Enormous Crocodile, and Fantastic Mr Fox.

I did the Gruffalo.

Then I skipped Hardy Har Har, and Iago – although I would’ve liked to do Iago. Maybe I still will.

I did Jiji – and loved them so much I made them into stickers.

I skipped Kermit the Frog (he’s another one I might do though), Lion, Mojo Jojo, Nutsy, Ozzie (another on my maybe list), Pink Panther, Quick Draw McGraw, Road Runner (another maybe), Snorkmaiden (another maybe), Tony the Tiger, Uncle Scrooge (another maybe), Velveteen Rabbit (another maybe), Wile E. Coyote (if I do Road Runner, I’ll have to do this one), Xerneas, Yogi Bear, and Zell.

I could’ve just said that I skipped the rest of the alphabet, but then I wouldn’t have gotten to name them all and decide which ones to come back to.

The next theme was Rainforest.

Again, there were lots of animals in here that I didn’t do. There are a few that I have on a list to draw at some point though – obviously.

The ones I did do were Bengal Tiger…


…and Toucan.

The new series is Musical Instruments, with us picking our own animals – so maybe I’ll get round to some of those other ones I want to do.

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