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Birthday Pencils

What’s this? A blog post written in a reasonably timely fashion? Madness!

My birthday was October 22nd, and one of the presents that my lovely boyfriend got me was a set of colouring pencils from The Works.

They aren’t high grade pencils, but I have a full set of Faber Castell Polychromos that I definitely don’t use to their full capability. Maybe a set of lower grade pencils would be better for me.

Step one – swatching. I know a lot of people find this tedious, but I really love swatching.

Next step, making a swatch sheet for the inside of the tin. The pencils have no markings on to identify colour or anything, so I cropped that photo from before…

… printed it off, cut a piece of paper the same size and swatched them out.

I made two mistakes when I did this. Firstly, I didn’t make the print out and the swatch the same size as the tin. That would’ve made it a lot easier to tell which pencil is which.

Secondly, I stuck it onto the lid upside down. Instead of peeling it off and resticking it, I just rearranged the pencils in the tin.

Finally I got around to doing some art. There’s a piece I’ve been meaning to do for Halloween/October since I had the idea months ago. A candy corn unicorn. So that’s what I did.

Sketch first…

…and then the final piece.

I am very happy with it. It’s so cute. And the pencils are awesome.

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