Christmas in July… in November

It’s nearly Christmas! So it’s probably time to write about the Christmas in July challenge I did five months ago.

Christmas in July is what it sounds like. People celebrate Christmas in July. And I did it by doing art. Throughout the month I did 15 different art pieces – for seven different projects. I was going to write a single blog post for each project, but since I left it so late I figured one blog post would do.

This means I can either show you the pieces chronologically, with the projects mixed up, or I can show you the projects, with the pieces mixed up chronologically. This was a really tough decision, but I decided to go for the chronological order.

The first piece I did was just plain old doodles. Mostly copied from images on Pinterest.

Fatty helped me with that one.

The second piece I did was inspired by a tweet from Cult Pens. Apparently Mechanical Pencil Day is a thing.

So I used my Staedtler pencil to do this lovely little snowglobe scene.

The next piece is snowflakes – the start of one of the multi-piece projects.

I enjoyed drawing these so much, that I did another page. This is piece 3b.

The fourth piece is the start of another project. I knew I wanted to do some gnomes, so I started off with my usual method for new things. A page of sketches from images on Pinterest.

Number 5 is the final snowflakes piece. I went digital, and I really love the result. I might make it into Christmas cards maybe.

Next up is more gnomes research….

…and then a sketch for my final design.

Eight is a bauble with a whole lot of metallic sheen.

Nine, which you’ll noticed is also number 8 because I messed up, is some bright presents.

10 is my final gnomes piece. Also very cute, and also perhaps a future Christmas card.

Number eleven, which is numbered 10 because I hadn’t noticed my mistake yet, is the first is a run/addiction.

I loved doing this “ugly” sweater so much that I used the outline to make a few more. Here are pieces 12-15.

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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