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The Future of Crafted By Colette?

I don’t want to be mega famous. I don’t want to get thousands of orders a month. But it would be nice to look at sales trackers online and not have to ignore them because I barely get one or two sales a month.

I know there are solutions to my slow business. I know there are lots of things I could be doing to help. I could blog more frequently and consistently. I could promote myself more on social media. I could diversify my social media more. There’s a whole list of things that would help.

Unfortunately, I have quite bad depression, anxiety, fatigue and associated issues. I often barely have the physical and/or mental energy to get out of bed. I struggle to keep up with things.

The idea of throwing myself into social media more is terrifying. If I had the money I’d hire a social media manager. Even if only for an hour or two a month to set up a load of scheduled posts for me.

As for blogging…. I have no shortage of ideas. For blogs or for products actually. And I gradually get through the projects. I take the photos, I sort them neatly into folders, I add the project to the list of blogs ready to write… and then I don’t write them.

I have a folder of several dozen blog projects ready to be written. And I just have a block. Sometimes I can’t write for months at a time. That’s not really conducive to a consistent blog and building up an audience.

So what’s the upshot of my rambling? I’m not sure to be honest. I’m currently going through a bit of a depressive blip and the over-riding thought in my head is to close Crafted By Colette.

I know enough to not make any rash major decisions while my depression is in control. I probably shouldn’t even be writing this. But I want to get my thoughts out there. I don’t want a highly polished professional business persona. I’m a depressive, and I express that. I don’t have a separate personal Twitter and business Twitter, and while I’m not going to flood this blog with diary entries, I’m also not going to hide when I need to vent.

But yeah. At the moment I’m struggling. I’m considering closing up the store and shutting the blog. I’m not begging you to go make an order, although that would be nice. But if you read my blog, please let me know. Sometimes I feel like I’m screaming into the void.

End of rant. Have a cute metallic watercolour robot as a reward.

And if robots aren’t your thing, have a derpy Jasper face instead.

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